Estate planning is the only way to be absolutely certain that your belongings will be distributed according to your wishes after you pass. Jennine Fitterer Notary Public offers complete estate planning and will preparation services, ensuring that you have your say over the manner in which your personal effects and wealth are managed.

When it comes to estate planning and family transfers in Surrey, Central City, South Surrey, Surrey Central, Newton, Cloverdale, Abbotsford, White Rock, or Richmond, BC, Jennine can be trusted to provide the most complete and comprehensive guidance, giving you peace in the certainty that all details have been arranged and every contingency accounted for. Jennine will help you identify beneficiaries, assign an executor and prepare all necessary documentation for your personal estate. She offers a number of estate planning services and wills in Surrey, including:

  • Will Preparation:

    Jennine can help you assemble and draft all legal documentation to ensure that your wishes are carried out upon the event of your passing. When you work with Jennine you will receive qualified advice and guidance from one of the most respected notaries in Surrey.

  • Power of Attorney Preparation:

    Quite often we are unprepared for circumstances that make us unable to deal with our financial and property matters. Jennine can help you with the preparation of a Power of Attorney so that you are prepared if any such circumstances should arise.

  • Estate Planning:

    Estate planning can help you ease the transition for your loved ones after you go. Jennine Fitterer will help you craft a plan for settling any remaining financial obligations upon your passing, as well as establishing an executor to help distribute your belongings according to your wishes.

  • Representation Agreement Preparation:

    In the circumstance that we need to deal with unexpected health matters, a Representation Agreement would need to be in place. Plan ahead and make sure all your bases are covered. Jennine can help you with that so you are prepared if any such circumstances should arise.

Estate Planning

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