Jennine Fitterer Notary Public delivers a complete range of notary services, helping you locate and prepare the proper legal documentation for a number of scenarios. Whether you need document certification, insurance loss declaration or you require professional preparation of a variety of other legal notices or documents, Jennine Fitterer is your trusted notary in Surrey, South Surrey, Surrey Central, Central City, Newton, Cloverdale, Abbotsford, White Rock, and Richmond, BC.

Jennine has the experience and expertise to provide you with the guidance you need. If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet with a notary in Surrey, or you have any questions about notarial services or fees, contact Jennine Fitterer today at 604-579-0205. She offers a variety of general notary services, including:

  • Document notarization
  • Attestation of signature
  • Statutory declarations
  • Travel consent letters
  • Certified notarized copies of original documents (i.e. birth, death and marriage certificates, passports etc.)
  • Insurance loss declarations
  • unregistered vehicle/trailer declarations

Jennine also provides identification services for passport applications, real estate notarization, proof of identity for legal travel and authorization for minor/child travel.

*We do not witness separation and custody agreements, divorce papers and homemade wills or power of attorneys.

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For more information about the various notary services provided, please contact Jennine Fitterer at 604-579-0205. She is also available for real estate conveyancing, estate planning, and much more!